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Amped Wireless Setup

What makes Amped wireless routers different from all others is the fact that they understand the need of high speed Internet, despite being connected to multiple computers the Amped Wireless routers performs exceptionally well. Amped wireless setup not a big deal If you live in a huge, multi-story house, you are likely to have many people – and even more devices accessing the WiFi connection, this is where you will find yourself in a win-win situation, your Amped wireless router is inbuilt with MU- MIMO. MU-MIMO is Multi-user, multiple-input, multiple-output technology. With the help of this, you can, without any trouble, attach as many devices you want, unlike the other routers which do not work properly as the number of devices connected to them increase. amped wireless setup helps to setup router by opening if you face any issues in amped wireless setup you can take help from the steps provided on the website.

Setup For Amped wireless

Amped router setup is definitely not a herculean task; let’s look at the steps that are included in the process of setting up an Amped wireless setup:

  1. If you have a router already installed then you need to start by disconnecting it, plugging it out of the modem and the power source is the first step, if there is none installed at home then start with the next point.
  2. The second step requires you to turn off the existing modem and remove the plug from the power outlet, also remove the battery from the back of the modem you are using.
  3. The box comes with an Ethernet cable, which is blue in color; once you find that insert it’s one end into the blue port of the router and the other end into the modem.
  4. Once the third step is over, plug in the power adapter and battery back into the modem and then switch it on, now wait, at least for few minutes or till the power LED goes in the solid state.

Setting The Login details

The router you use will have by default login values, we recommend that you change default login details as soon as possible, for doing so please follow the following steps:

  • Access the Menu
  • Go to the password option under management
  • Change the password to the one you would like to keep
  • Enter the Username
  • Enter the new Password
  • Now confirm the new password.

Features of Amped Wireless Routers:

Dual 2.4 GHz antennas: these are Powerful and high gain antennas, which provide Wi-Fi speeds across the walls and even at the dead zone areas of your home.

Long Range:

The latest Amped wireless routers have a long range. Beam forming technology provides direct signal to the device rather than dispersing it in all directions.

Gigabit Ethernet ports

Connect devices via Ethernet cables (wired connection) and get ultra-Wi- Fi speed.

USB storage support

Attach storage device and share data with other computers on the network. Shared files can also be accessed remotely, over the Internet using FTP client.

4.Once you are done with the fourth step you need to connect the antennas and insert the Ethernet Cable, you will see a grey Ethernet cable, which goes into the router, now plug the power adapter into the router and switch on the power by plugging it into the electrical outlet.

5.Once you are done with all the steps open the given link

6.You will see a login window, here you have to enter the username and the password, and you will find these values on the product label of your router.

7.The Smart setup wizard will automatically start the setup process and will guide you throughout the entire setup process.

8.Change the Internet settings. Some users prefer doing this manually. Click on the next button every time you change the desired settings. You can also skip the configuration part and get done with the setup.

amped wireless setup

Lets look at the common issues faced in amped wireless setup or amped wireless

Question – I am unable to open the web menu of the amped wireless router after entering the

Answer –

  • You need to ensure that the router is powered on. By using the Ethernet cable that came with the router you can connect your device and router.
  • The computer you are using should not be connected to any other wireless network. If you are already connected, you need to disconnect it from the other wireless networks.
  • Use a browser that is latest and compatible. There could be an issue with the browser, you can try and use a different browser or refresh the existing one.
  • Instead of accessing the login page through the web address, try accessing the login page by using the default IP address.
  • If all this is of no avail try resetting the router by pressing and holding the reset button for few seconds and then releasing it.

Question – I am getting low or no connectivity, what can I do to resolve this issue?

Answer –

Please check that your computer or any device from which you are accessing the web console has enabled the feature “automatically obtain IP address”.  Your router must be powered on. Restart your computer. The port on which you are connecting the cable can be faulty; there can be XYZ number of problems. If you are still encountering this issue and not able to solve it, we are at your service!

For more queries other than the ones mentioned above our team is here to help. You will find a team who will help you in amped wireless setup

member always online to help you out, you can either drop a message or make your query in the live chat window given on the website. By chatting with the experts, you can solve any issue that is related to the amped wireless router or amped router setup. For solving issues like

  • amped wireless setup is not working,
  • User cannot see the login page;
  • User in unable to find a particular settings,
  • User is confused by the advanced settings of the router and others.

Our experts will help you get through all these

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